Snow Dog | Bark

Grandparents drove somewhat down the winding Colorado mountain freeway. It was once as soon as smartly underneath freezing, then again the heater inside the cab of the truck worked like a champ, and the two were comfy as bugs after snowmobiling from their little rest cabin to the truck. Their cabin was once as soon … Read more

Avalanche | Bark

I questioned if I’d die of dehydration or hypothermia? Then a idea got here to my thoughts: I used to be buried by means of an avalanche, top within the Alps. So it might no longer be dehydration. I best needed to stick my tongue out to get right of entry to the unending quantity … Read more

Bonds of affection | Bark

The bonds of affection and connection between human beings and their animal partners can by no means be underestimated, particularly when they’re impulsively separated. Such is the case after I put my German Shepherds, Sasha & Undergo, within the fenced backyard and forgot to fasten the latch at the door. An hour later I spotted … Read more